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Yoni massage Bangkok

Special massage for Women

For all my dear friends,

I can’t reply to your messages from my old WeChat account. Please, contact me through my new account:  XXBaliBKK

这是我现用的WeChat账号: XXBaliBKK

之前的账号暂时停用 ,老朋友新朋友可以加我新的账号

Join me for a journey
of Love and Passion...

My name is Bali.

I'm a Western woman living in Bangkok specializing in Yoni massage therapy for women.


You are welcome to explore your body's unique ability to feel enjoyment, vitality, and pleasure. 

My Yoni sessions aim to create a safe space for you to learn, explore, experiment, and expand your sexual potential. It is also a space in time to prioritize yourself and focuses only on your own deepest needs and pleasure. 

I perform a personalized massage treatment custom-developed for your specific needs.

Yoni massage Bangkok is special erotic massage and sensual massagefor for women in Thailand. massage for women provide by male and female


What, Why and How?

The general definition of Yoni massage is a massage for the vagina. For me , Yoni massage goes way beyond our erogenous zone.

Yoni massage Bangkok is about feeling joy and pleasure, relieving stress, and finding out what feels good, it's a special opportunity to meet and fulfill your needs and desire for novelty, discovery, exploration, freedom and pleasure.   


I offer a unique experience that combines relaxing therapeutic massage techniques with enhancements that heighten the senses and then release an intense pleasure based on each woman's personal preferences.

what is yoni massage

WHY do I need it?

First, because you deserve it.

Allow yourself to become completely immersed in your sexual experience like you are on your own and there is no one else around. Familiarize yourself with a wider range of feel-good sensations, develop a new understanding of your sexuality and scrap any guilt or shame you feel about it. Learn to let go, be free, confident, relax and above all…ENJOY!

 Yoni massage for women in Bangkok give by male masseur and female masseuse. sexy, sensual, erotic massage service for ladies

HOW does it work?

We start with a talk. I’ll explain about the session and will answer all your questions.

This is a very intimate massage, based on openness and trust.

There is no "normal" way, or one way, to do Yoni massage. There is no rush, no expectations, and no criticism or judgment at any time - just totally relaxing, pleasure, and pampering the way a woman deserves and desires.

My Sessions

There's more than one kind of Yoni session,
different ways to do it,
and many reasons to have it...

Sexual Yoni erotic 4-hands massage for women Bangkok thailand. Vagina massage for women sexual pleasure
Tantra, Erotic, Yoni massage bangkok for female, by western male masseur
Yoni Therapy massage for women in Thailand. Women Orgasm, Sexual drive, vaginismus
Yoni massage Bangkok for women is spa for women. sexual Erotic pleasure and Orgasm

Yoni massage Bangkok is a good break from your routine



Yoni Massage and bodywork thailand Bangkok.
Best Yoni massage Bangkok_edited.jpg
Erotic Yoni massage Bkk for woman. special spa for women to have sexual pleasure
Yoni massage Thailand. Women Orgasm. sexual massage for women
Tantra school. Yoni massage Bangkok
Erotic Tantra massage therapy, special massage for girl. Bangkok, Thailand


Me and Yoni massage Bangkok


My name is Bali.

I'm a Western woman living in Bangkok specializing in Yoni massage therapy for women.

Sexuality is one of the most important aspects of everyone’s life and the tremendous number of ways in which it plays out always fascinated me.

Yoni massage Bangkok based on a decade of exploration and practical experience.  

I established it out of great passion for encouraging women to become more confident, free, open and satisfied with their sex life.


It’s a journey I wish every woman will allow herself to step into and I’m honored to be part of it.

Yoni massage Bangkok, happy end massage for women Thailand


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Price & Services
Yoni massage in Thailand. special sensual erotic massage for women. By male masseur



Yoni / Yoni Erotic

2-3 hrs   /   4500THB

Erotic 4-Hands

2-3 hrs   /   5500THB

Yoni Therapy

*provide only by Bali

2-3 hrs   /   4500THB


We provide Outcall service in Central BKK

Contact Yoni massage Bangkok, special erotic massage spa for women


Contact me:

Thank you for contact me!


Line: baaly10


WeChat: XXBaliBKK

Yoni massage Bangkok. vagina massage Thailand

Looking forward to meet you...

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