Yoni Therapy

The foundation of our sexuality
starts with ourselves


Just as much as I love sex, I also love talking about it and encouraging others to feel more confident about their sexuality.

I know sex is not always mind-blowing orgasm, wild ecstasy, or turn-on porn. Sex can be challenging, difficult, painful, and sometimes a source of lots of frustration and insecurity. 


Over the past many years of practicing, I honored to meet a great number of women from a wide range of ages, places, cultures, and demographic backgrounds. Each woman is an entire world, and each woman is unlike any other. And yet, in all this fabulous diversity, so many of us share the same insecurity and self-doubt, like something missing, something isn’t the way it should be...

The main problem with sex is that we don’t talk about sex!

Sexuality is one of the most important aspects of everyone’s life and still not enough explored and understood. The lack of conversation, information, and support leads so many of us to question what is normal? Am I normal?

Low sex drive, numbness, pain during sex, difficulty to reach orgasm, anxiety, overcome Sexual Insecurity negative body image, and confusion are all common issues among many women.


My Yoni therapy sessions aim to create a safe, encouraging space for you to learn, explore, experiment, and talk openly about sex. It is also a space in time to priorities yourself and focuses only on your own deepest needs and pleasure. 

The ability to combine conversation and massage or blend talk into touch during my sessions allows you to engage with all aspects of your body, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and sexual.  

How to receive, share, ask, listen, trust, relax, touch and get orgasm are all skills that need to be cultivated. Learn to do so through touch and conversation can be a meaningful step in your journey to fulfilling and joyful sex life. 





We make love with our whole body, not just our genitals. Great sex starts with yourselves and the relationship between you and your body, so your whole body and mind come into play.

Your mind is a powerful thing and by Transforming the way you understand sex as a whole and your sexuality, in particular, things will start to change. 

Start where you are, use what you have. Don’t be pushed around by preconceptions from your past or expectations of the future. Let yourself be led by curiosity, willingness, and an open mind. 

Changing doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a gradual process. My goal is to give you empowering and inspiring experience that will help you achieve more confidence, self-awareness and above all - pleasure!

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My service is giving in courtesy and honesty,

but it’s not a substitute for professional advice.