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Erotic Sessions

The Erotic session is a much deeper and comprehensive experience. It relates to the all erogenous zone along your body which generates sexual arousal and pleasure. No part of your body will remain without attention.

We are here to give you a very special opportunity of expanding your sexual potential and exploring your sexual landscape.

Start slow, go long,


relax into absolute trust!

The session starts when you are both naked. Sensual massage, body to body, and tantric elements are all parts of the session. He is here, ready to please you. Only you matter! Gently and slowly following your will, his attentive, warm, soft touch, and strong body will bring you to live the experience of incredible excitement and a pleasurable ending.




Erotic 4-hands Session

The Yoni Erotic 4-Hands massage is all about extending your boundaries and opening yourself to an exciting new sexual experience.

You are the center! Focus on yourself, feel the sensations of your body. Release yourself into the loving touch and sexual energies of the masseuse and masseur, who together will lead you to a state of uncontrolled pleasure and bliss.

In the 4-Hands Erotic session, we are both working naked, using our hands, fingers, body to body, and Tantric elements. I start the session in sensual oil massage and after relaxation achieved, he will join us and from that point... just breathe and fly!

The session starts with a little chat and relaxing oil massage, then develops in many directions... all according to your will and desire. If you feel more comfortable with a male masseur, I’ll be present in the first part of the session and later move to the side, so you can relax more and dissolve into full pleasure...