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Master your Masturbation_Part 1

How to get the most out of your solo sex.

One of my main goals in 'Yoni massage Bangkok 'is to encourage you to explore your body and discover all the wonderful things it can do for you through masturbation.

I could talk about sex and women’s sexuality forever, but when it comes down to it, it’s about doing, and it starts with you - solo in the room, touching yourself, pleasuring yourself, and getting to know what makes you feel good.

I love solo sex. Like many other girls, I started exploring the magic down there long before I even understood what I was doing. My hands naturally traveled down, and it just felt nice :)

Chances are, your first orgasm will probably be from your own fingers or the sex toy you’re holding with them. The most OMG orgasms that follow will probably still be from your own fingers or your sex toy.

Masturbation is the door to great orgasms and a happy, satisfying sex life!

Engaging in solo sex can be a powerful way to connect with your body, and I mean literally. It’s an opportunity to explore your own body and preferences within a safe, judgment-free and no pressure space. 

Through touching yourself, you will discover what works for you and what doesn’t. you will learn how you want to be touched and how you don’t. You will become familiar with your own rhythm and what really gets you going. You will learn when to go strong and when soft. When fast and when slow. When to touch the edge of the clit, when to be satisfied with gentle and delicate strokes on the surrounding skin. And once you discover your own way of pleasure, you will also be able to communicate it to your partner. 

Masturbation can also be a perfect way to unwind and relieve stress or just an easier path to sleep. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, solo sex is not only valid and safe but also a lot of fun and pleasure. It’s good to know that having a fulfilling sexual life does not always need the involvement of others.

So where do we start?

Solo sex is so much more pleasurable and fun when you are relaxed and comfortable.

You don’t need much preparation at all. Just lock up your door, deem the light, play good music or porn you like or whatever trigger that will put you in the mood and if you are a toys lover, like me, get one to make things more fun. Now, sit back on the bed and start your journey towards an orgasm.

Wait…don’t go straight to the point just yet!

Masturbation is self pleasing, and it includes many things except just touching your clit.

Before you set off on your journey, just remember: novelty is a significant turn-on for our desires. Sure, stimulating your clit until you orgasm and going to sleep can be pleasurable and sometimes a good substitute for sleeping pills, but that doesn’t mean you should get lazy or stuck in a boring routine.

Whether you have a clit or want to please someone who has one, it’s easy to fall into the same old techniques. So, Lean back, close your eyes, breathe… take the time, slower to build up can reach higher heights. Give yourself the chance to try something new. You might just discover sensations you’ve never felt before.

explore around

Start by slowly rubbing yourself from your thighs, up to your stomach and over your breasts. focused. Listen to your body, find out where it feels best to have stroke, rubbed and stimulated. The key is to concentrate on the sensation of your body and how it makes you feel. Make love with yourself and touch yourself the way you want to be touched.

Don’t try to achieve anything, just be where you are. Explore, experiment, and find what works best for you. Use your Imagination, fantasize about where and what you want. There are no rules. Whatever comes is completely normal.

Getting closer 

It’s a bit like when you notice a nice guy sitting on the other side of the bar. You drop subtle hints, flash him a smile, flirt with him. Same when it gets to your vulva, At the very beginning, Gently hint at her in a subtle manner.

Introduce yourself to the area close to the clitoris but touch anywhere that’s not the lips, nor the clitoris. Touch the skin around the clitoris (on either side of the clit or above or below it), occasionally brush over the clit with full hand or fingers, but don’t apply pressure to it. tap above it gently. continue to your vaginal lips (labia minora and labia majora). glide over the lips up and down, experiment different strokes, direction and pressure, Pinch the inner lips and try to pull it out, be creative, press your mons (the triangular part where pubic hair grows) in different directions, yet avoid touching your clit directly. 

Let’s get to the point

Finally, we get to the actual stimulation part. There are many ways to rub, massage and stroke your clit, from softly rubbing it with one finger to using all four in a more intense motion to using a pillow or sex toys or even the corner of your table... 

I’ll share some basic ideas for your next solo sex session but there is no “one best way” to stimulate the clitoris — you’ll need to do some experimenting and exploring by yourself to find what works best for you. the more you touch the better it gets.

the sensitive points

Every woman has her own sensitive spot, the one that can make her lose it really fast, and also the one that can turn her off instantly if it’s not touched at the right time or place. How much does it vary from woman to woman? 

In OMGYes, for example, they found that one out of every eight women prefers touching the left side of the clit, while one out of every eight prefers the right side specifically. And that’s exactly why masturbation is so important. It lets you figure it out, all by yourself, in a chill and relaxed atmosphere where your sensitive spot is and focus on it.

Once you find your sensitive spot, you’ll understand which movements work for you and which don’t. Where you prefer to press, where to stroke, where to circle around. Keep in mind that when you’re searching for that sensitive spot, it doesn’t necessarily have to be directly on the clitoris itself.

The clitoris is a center where nerve endings are located in the entire area, so that same spot could be nearby, but not exactly on it. Either way, movements that make that sensitive spot particularly tingling can involve moving your fingers up and down, on the spot itself, or from different angles. 

You can also move your fingers from side to side, with stronger or softer movements, and play with the intensity level. Pay attention, it’s less about speed and more about the intensity of touch; too much pressure on the spot can instantly turn painful, so be cautious and increase slowly.

Explore your 'U-Spot'

The U-spot refers to a sensitive area located just above the opening of the urethra. The 'U' here stands for 'urethral opening. It's below the clitoris and is kinda shaped like a tiny upside-down U around the urethra. Some say it goes all the way up to where you pee and a bit below.

Once you find the spot, you can move your finger up and down or horizontally. Because it's a small area and not a clear point, try to trace it and move your finger slowly around the opening. the U-Spot feels best when a featherlight touch or stroke is used and when the area is "copiously slippery and wet. Try to draw an inverted U and see how it feels. Note that unlike the clitoris, the U-spot isn't packed with around 8,000 nerve endings, so you won't necessarily feel an intense, tickling sensation right away. Instead, you might feel something deeper, fuller, but also more refined and perhaps less intense. 

Each of us is gonna feel that spot a little differently, I can't really give you stats on how many of us love it, how many find it painful, and how many simply feel indifferent. But, like always, it's all about experimenting and figuring out what works for you.


The path to orgasm doesn’t follow one steady and strong pace until the end. It’s more like a rollercoaster, with ups and downs in sensation around the clitoris and inner lips. 

So, even if you begin with a strong touch, as you go along, mix things up by adjusting the pressure and touching different areas of the clitoris. Start off gently, moving up and down the inner lips, gradually working your way towards the entrance of the vagina and then back up to the clitoris.

 From there, experiment with slightly tilting and pressing it against your body, releasing, and repeating the motion. Pinch your clitoris, stroke it up and down. Clip it from both sides and rub them together.Keep experimenting, play, enjoy and see what works for you!

Don’t overthink it. The steady pace will be maintained as long as it suits you, and once you move on to the next stage, or if your level of arousal changes, you’ll notice the pace naturally shifting too.

If you've got the time and you're feeling up for some more experimentation with what your body, hands, muscles, and mind can do, check this post and elevate your solo sex experience to a whole new level!


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