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The Ultimate Guide to Sex Toys: Chapter One - Shaking Off Common Myths

I love sex toys. Sex toys are great! And anyone trying to argue otherwise is probably doesn't have the magical trio of vulva, clitoris, and vagina between his legs.

When the moment of truth arrived and every inch of your being is ready to get it done, most women discover that only cock falls a bit short (no offense to the other sex, though), Fingers might take forever, and tongue? Well, it is exciting but depends on the mercy of others' goodwill...

 But, No women No cry, this little vibrating‌ companion, discreetly tucked beneath your pillow or nestled between your underwear, unlike its counterparts will never disappoint. 

I mean, think about it. We're living in the modern age, surrounded by an abundance of fantastic inventions, So, if there is a way to increase your pleasure, just like you put on glasses to see better or take a flight to arrive faster, why not use it?

There's a whole range of sex toys out there. Actually, the industry has hit a crazy climax in recent years. People are dropping more cash on sex toys than any other type of toys :) It's become so trendy that every celebrity, seeking a bit of positive PR and a trendy image, decides to launch a line of sex toys under her name and image. Lily Allen partnered with Womanizer for the vibrant Womanizer Liberty. Dakota Johnson teamed up with Maude, crafting vibrators resembling Zara Home's vases. Demi Lovato joined Bellesa, unveiling an iPod-style vibrator in an almost identical box. Cara Dalvin left her mark with a collaboration with premium brand Lora DiCarlo.

 and let's not forget Gwyneth Paltrow, whose brand Goop pioneered the virgin market, initiated the trend, and has been constantly unveiling new vibrators. It's challenging to find clearer evidence of the transformation in the status of the vibrator than this.

The 2012 film "Hysteria" presented the amusing story of how the vibrator was invented at the end of the 19th century by a doctor. According to the film, the doctor discovered that stimulating the clitoris of depressed and unsatisfied English women benefited them, but he grew tired of manual therapy. While the story is entertaining, it is just a story and not really true.

One fact, however, is true: the electric vibrator was invented in the early 1880s by British doctor Joseph Mortimer Granville as a miraculous medical device for doctors to cure illnesses in general. 

The real story is that it cured very little until our great-great-grandmothers elevated this device to its greatest purpose today in female sexual pleasure.

Electric vibrators only became popular when they were advertised to the general public, both men and women, as a household use in the early 1900s , with advertisements promising that the vibrators could cure everything : from eliminating wrinkles to curing tuberculosis.

It is difficult to know when such vibrators began to be thought of and used in a sexual way, but these advertisements for consumers in the 1900s were already full of women with large breasts and short dresses. They also included phrases about feeling vibes of pleasure and excitement running through your veins after using the products. Compared to other advertisements of that era, these are very sexual advertisements, and it is assumed that people understood what was going on there and that they likely bought them for some solo entertainment.

Vibrators entered the market as they are known today only in the 1960s. Leading the way was Betty Dodson, a true pioneer in the second wave of feminism who faced a lot of criticism for it. She openly talked about masturbation and didn't stay silent about the power it gives to women. Among other things, she created groups of women who sat in a circle and masturbated together, teaching them how to use vibrators. 

Sex toys: are they good or bad?

In the vast sea of questions I throw out about sex, the debate on sex toys — are they a blessing or a curse — is one that comes up all the time. Is there a risk I'll get addicted? What if my pleasure relies solely on a toy? Will it kill the sensations in my clitoris? And then there's the tricky one: how do I broach the topic of toys with my partner?

Sex toys are not gonna kill your clitoris and you are not gonna get addicted to it. If one day you find yourself on a lonely island with no charger around, your fingers still will do the job for you. It's just going to take a longer time for the simple reason electric devices vibrate stronger than fingers.  

Addicted is a strong word. You can become desensitized to the feel of sex toys, and may find other types of touch aren't as impactful as they once were. But we're depend on all sorts of technology in our lives, from phones to contact lenses and hair color. I don't see why we should have to be completely 'natural' when it comes to sex, and why the need to achieve sexual pleasure without an aid? As long as you're having fun, I wouldn't worry about it: give yourself permission to experience the pleasure that works for you.

As for your partner, as much as your little vibrating friend will bring you pleasure, he will never replace intimacy, kiss, tap, loving touch, strong hug, cuddle under the blanket, listen to you when you need or just laugh from stupid things. What he can do for you is let yourself learn your body, your vulva clitoris and all the sensitive areas along your body. He will give you the opportunity to enjoy yourself, fantasize and sometimes, get amazing orgasm. And by the time you feel like there's no shame in using toys in solo sex, this same attitude can be shared with your partner. 

I jokingly term my vibrator 'the airplane' and it’s not just cos it take me higher; it also whisks me away to new and beautiful places. So, choose your aircraft and let the journey begin.


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