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The Ultimate Guide to Sex Toys: Chapter Two -which vibrating should I choose to bring home?

In the world of self-discovery and pleasure, virtually anything you choose to enhance your pleasure down there can fall under the category of sex toys. It's all about finding what makes you feel good and recognizing that pleasure comes in many forms. 

So, whether it's an Electric toothbrush (unplugged and clean, of course), the shower head, Electric Exfoliator or firm cucumber  it's all part of the wonderful journey of self-discovery and satisfaction.You can even turn your phone into a vibrator simply by downloading a vibration app like iBrate or iVibe. 

After you've explored all the wonders in and out your vulva with your fingers and other casual objects and feel ready to take the next step, it's time to start looking for your ultimate vibrating friend…

Buying a vibrator can be overwhelming. The options are numerous: buzzing, sucking, with or without penetration, app-controlled or remote-controlled—sex toys have it all. So, there we stand, clueless in front of a wall of buzzing gadgets at the sex shop or scrolling through endless options online. In the end, we often settle for the one that has the most likes or fits our budget. But let's be real, it's a seriously messed-up way to choose our pleasure tools.

As much as we try to objectively describe the feelings, powers, and overall impressions of different vibrators, there's simply no comparing one vulva's experience to another's. What feels mild to one might be a power trip to another. What tickles one may just downright pinch and poke another. And, of course, all these sensations change throughout the month and sometimes even during the day.

The first vibrator you pick up probably won't be your last, but it'll be your first friend, helping you navigate through what you vibe with and what doesn't quite hit the mark. Start with a simple one, not fancy. Experiment, feel it out, and continue from there—the realm of vibrations offers an endless array of possibilities and categories.

Think of your body as a mad scientist's lab and dive into some experiments, learning the ins and outs as you go. Are you a direct-to-the-clit kind of person, or do you prefer a little teasing movement around and across? Do you enjoy playing around the entrance of your vagina or diving deep inside? Does the idea of changing tempos turn you on, or do you need a long steady rhythm? Consider the touch, the material, the size, the weight, the noise, and the power. Once you have a handle on all of this, picking out your next toy will be child's play.

The internet is full of sex toys that are divided into different categories, targeting different purposes. Let me take you through the main options:

1. Rocket-Pocket

Rocket Pockets are a type of small vibrators designed for external clitoral stimulation only. They come in a wide variety and varying strengths, often costing less than the average vibrator, making them convenient for trips. However, a heads-up, they're not always the quietest in the room; some of these pocket rockets can be louder than even the most bombastic vibes out there.

Now, here's the magic of the Rocket Pocket - its compact size allows you to explore every corner and crevice, gliding gently over the lips of the cup, around the clitoris, lightly over the opening of the urethra, and even pushed to the edge of the anus or fluttered over the nipples. Its size, coupled with medium power, enables a journey of discovery, making them great for first-time vibrator users.

In the Rocket Pocket realm, you'll find a subcategory – the tiny Rocket Pocket that buzzes like a bee. But be cautious, these little things often cost more and might burn out quicker. So, handle with care on that buzzy adventure!

2. Magic Wands

The Magic Wand is, as the name suggests, a stick that produces a very strong vibration. It has a round, large head that covers a wider area, making it perfect for external stimulation. In most cases, the Magic Wand is intended especially for the clitoris but today, some Magic Wands are also sold that can easily be used for penetration.

And, having said all that, be aware: Magic Wands, for the most part, will be more powerful than the average vibrator. There are many women for whom it is hardcore. If you are not used to vibrators or if your clitoris is very sensitive, I would come to the store and feel the vibration before purchasing and not rush to order it online.

3. Vibrators for penetration

Those compact and stylish gadgets are designed to target the elusive G-spot within the vagina, typically located approximately 1 to 3 inches along the front wall and other sensitive zones inside the vagina that, when given attention, can elicit intensely pleasurable sensations. The majority of these devices also cater to clitoral stimulation.

Good idea to check where the motor's at in that thing. whether at the top or the base of the vibrator. If positioned at the head, the vibration intensity on the clitoris can be significantly heightened, offering a more favorable experience. Conversely, if located at the base, unless you specifically enjoy vibration during penetration, it's recommended to look elsewhere.

A diverse range of materials is available for penetration vibrators, with high-quality medical silicone being a preferred choice. This hygienic silicone is easy to clean, swiftly reaches body temperature, and maintains durability. When considering size and shape, while large vibrators may be visually appealing, they can lead to discomfort during penetration. It's advisable to inquire about suitable sizes in-store, and when in doubt, opting for a smaller option is recommended. Remember, small can still be effective, whereas overly large choices may cause discomfort and stay in the drawer.

These vibrators often have a curve at the tip that makes it easy to slide in and stimulate the G-spot area.. Everyone's got their own thing, and not everyone likes stiff vibes. It all comes down to what gets you on

Similar to regular vibrators, this category offers a plethora of buzz patterns and power levels. It's akin to a choose-your-own-style scenario—find the vibe that makes you happy.

Who are these devices suitable for? women who enjoy some penetration action but want something different than the usual dildos.

4. Dildos

Dildo can help you to start to know yourself from the inside out. Take the time to vibe with your own rhythm, feel out those different sensations in every nook and cranny. Discover what lights up the flame and what fades it away.

Dildo can help you to start to know yourself from the inside out. get time to be attentive to your rhythm, to the different touch in all the areas inside you. Study what makes you comfortable and what really doesn't. 

When you go at it solo, you start figuring out the angles and positions that hit the spot, the intensity that does it for you. And from there the path to a deep pleasure - became very short.

How to choose? 

Stiffness - Decide if you want a silicone dildo that's chasing that authentic feel or a rock-solid one made of stiff material. If you're unsure, lean towards the natural one and see where it takes you.

Size - you know yourself best. 

Color - dildos come in a very wide variety. Pick one that won't kill the mood for you. 

Material - Go for the medical silicone. You deserve the best:) 

If you notice spots forming on the dildo, it turning yellow, tearing, getting sticky, or emitting a bad smell—don't overthink it. Just swap it out

5. Rabbits

A rabbit vibrator is a dual-stimulation sex toy designed for both penetration and clitoral stimulation simultaneously, offering variable intensities for a customizable experience.

It's like a two-for-one special, taking pleasure to a whole new level. 

What's cool? You've got the power to tweak the vibes separately for each shaft.

So, if your clit is super sensitive—just tone down the external vibes without messing with the internal action (or the other way around).

With multiple vibrational settings on each shaft, and being able to dual-stimulate with just one hand.these rabbits vibes are here to make things much more interesting.

6. Clitoris suction vibrator

Vibrators with technology that simulates suction, which gently "suck" the clitoris and produce a pleasant sensation. 

These compact sex toys feature a nozzle that uses air pressure to generate a suction force. The nozzle is small enough to be placed close to your clitoris for stimulation. Typically, these devices offer two types of sensations. Firstly, they produce a suction force that replicates the sensation of great oral sex. Secondly, they employ sonic pulses that penetrate and resonate throughout your entire clitoral structure, stimulating more than just the visible tip.

While most vulva-owners experience instant orgasms, you can experiment with pressure modes and different angles to gain more control over your orgasmic experience.

think about these things when you are looking for your first clit sucker:

Body-Safe Material: stick to the good stuff – when it comes to clit suction toys, silicone is the best because it's all soft and squishy.

Multiple Suction Modes: not everyone's built the same, So choose a toy that's got a variety of pressure and suction modes. You want to control those sonic pulses and adjust them to your liking.

Suction & Vibration: Some of the latest gadgets not only suck but also vibe. It's like a double feature for your pleasure. Find clit suckers with a ribbed texture - adds a little extra pleasure

Appearance: Looks matter; pick the one with a color and shape that feels attractive to you.


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