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Me and Yoni massage Bangkok

Hi, I'm Bali, a Western woman living in Bangkok, specializing in Yoni massage for women.

Sexuality has always fascinated me. Until today, I remain intrigued by the incredible impact that sexuality has on every person's life and the countless ways in which it manifests itself in every area of our lives.

People often ask me how I became an "expert" on Yoni massage and women's sexuality. The truth is, it was entirely unexpected. Life is an ongoing process, and one thing led to another. Sometimes, I feel that this work chose me, rather than the other way around.

My journey began in Chinese medicine school, where I obtained a deep understanding of the physiological aspects of the human body. It was during this time that I also became engaged with the field of massage therapy. After some time of practice, I realized I was way more drawn to the touch of fingers than the touch of needles :) In other words, my curiosity to explore the power of touch, my interest in women's sexuality, and my passion to understand and help other women feel more confident about sex were calling me.

Over the next few years, I immersed myself in my own self-experiment. I traveled the world, exploring new possibilities and learning various methods of therapy and approaches. Later, I started practicing tantra and Yoni massage. I have met and treated women across a wide range of backgrounds and ages (yes, horniness never ages).

At the time I arrived in Thailand, I already felt I was ready to dive into a new project. I planned to visit Thailand for a short trip and return home. I never got to buy the ticket back. Short became long, Thailand became home, and the new project became Yoni Massage Bangkok.

About Yoni massage Bangkok

Yoni massage Bangkok is based on a decade of exploration and practical experience. I established it out of great passion for encouraging women to become more confident, free, open, and satisfied with their sex life.

At first, it was just Yoni massage for women by a woman, but it didn’t take long, and women asked for more…

Every woman has desires, fantasies, and needs, as well as erogenous zones that crave to be touched. However, unlike those who don't have a vagina, women's sexuality is often influenced by context. Women need to relax, trust, feel special, and experience many other things to awaken their passion and get aroused. Simply stimulating the Yoni is usually just not enough; yes, women do need more.

At that point, I decided to collaborate with a male masseur to work alongside me. I knew exactly who it was going to be, as I have known him for a long time, and he is the only person I know I can trust to do this work the way I want and believe it should be.

Together, we have developed new practices and approaches that have transformed Yoni massage Bangkok into an extraordinary special experience for women.

Our aim is to provide a unique and empowering space where you can feel free and relaxed to explore new possibilities, gain more confidence, and, above all, experience pleasure.

It’s a journey I wish every woman will allow herself to step into, and I’m honored to be part of it.

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