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Special massage  for Women

I offer a variety of experiences, and you are welcome to choose the one that feels best for you.

Let his hands drive you wild

For those of us who want to take it deeper and experience male energy and manly touch in their session, I offer yoni massage and yoni erotic massage sessions with a Western male masseur. 

Start slow, go long, relax into absolute Trust and... GET PLEASURE!

Yoni Erotic 4-hands session is about desires and our fundamental needs for novelty, ecstasy, discovery, curiosity and exploration...

The main problem with sex is that we don’t talk about sex!

Just as much as I love sex, I also love talking about it and encouraging others to feel more confident about their sexuality...

Each session has different qualities and is uniquely special; at the same time, all are custom-developed to meet your specific needs and desires...

Every Women is Welcome!





D from Taiwan

Dear Bali~ I am on the way to airport now. Thanks for everything. It’s hard to describe my feelings about this two time trips in Bangkok. it is absolutely the wonderful and the pretty crazy experience in my life. But it worth. Both of you guys must stay well and happiness. I already started miss him now. And hope to meet you next time. Love you guys

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