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Special massage for Women

Let pleasure be your guide

Hi, I'm Bali

A Western woman living in Thailand specializing in Yoni therapy and Yoni Erotic massage for women in Bangkok.

My aim, alongside my colleague for many years, is to create a safe space to inspire your sexuality and open a door for you to explore, learn, experiment, and above all

have pleasure!


It is also a space in time to prioritize yourself and focus only on your own pleasure and desires. 


Yoni massage Bangkok is all about feeling joy and pleasure, relieving stress, and finding out what feels good, it's a special opportunity to meet and fulfill your needs and desire for novelty, discovery, exploration, freedom and pleasure.   

I offer a unique experience that combines relaxing therapeutic and Tantric massage techniques with enhancements that heighten the senses and then release an intense pleasure based on each woman's personal preferences.

women relaxing after yoni massage


Join me for a journey of Love

First, because you deserve it!

Allow yourself to become completely immersed in your sexual experience like you are on your own and there is no one else around.

Familiarize yourself with a wider range of feel-good sensations, develop a new understanding of your sexuality, and scrap any guilt or shame you feel about it.


Learn to let go, be free, confident, relax and most importantly, ENJOY!

A woman puts her hand in her underwear during yoni massage


We start with a talk. I’ll explain about the session and will answer all your questions.

This is a very intimate massage, based on openness and trust.

There is no "normal" way, or one way, to do Yoni massage. There is no rush, no expectations, and no criticism or judgment at any time - just totally relaxing, pleasure, and pampering the way a woman deserves and desires.

I offer a variety of experiences, and you are welcome to choose the one that feels right for you most. Although, naturally, the session with the male masseur offers inherently different experience from the session with me, both options are uniquely special, and we both perform a personalized massage treatment custom-develop to your specific needs and desire.

In our Erotic 4-hands session, where both of us work together, you can enjoy the exciting harmony of male and female sexual energies, perfectly complementing each other to create an exceptional and fulfilling experience.

All sessions begin with a soft oil massage and then unfold into endless possibilities...

We have more than one kind of Yoni session,
different ways to do it,
and many reasons to have it...
Special Massage for women and Bodywork
naked woman holding flower
Women pleasure is first destination of Yoni massage Bangkok
About Yoni Massage Bangkok
Me and Yoni Massage Bangkok

I'm Bali,
a Western woman living in Thailand, specializing in Yoni massage  for women.

Sexuality is one of the most important aspects of everyone’s life and the tremendous number of ways in which it plays out always fascinated me.

Yoni massage Bangkok based on a decade of exploration and practical experience.  

I established it out of great passion for encouraging women to become more confident, free, open and satisfied with their sex life.


It’s a journey I wish every woman will allow herself to step into and I’m honored to be part of it.

for Yoni massage Bangkok
clients reviews

Hi Bali, I want to share a super massive thank you to you both. It was such an incredibly fun and rewarding session for me. Thanks for making it pure pleasure and love. I felt so safe and able to exist in the moment with you both, something I've really been struggling to do with people I don't know. Yeah, it was a genuinely precious physical and emotional experience that I won't forget.
Haha 😅but man I am sooo stiff today! In the best possible way!!!
Take care you two, I'll definitely come and visit again❤️ and please reach out if you happen to be in Vietnam

W from Australia

Hi Bali, Finally I have time to thank you and...? I didn’t remember his name unfortunately. It was a wonderful experience!

Self opening, sensitive, pleasurable, gentle and unforgettable 3 hours. He definitely discovered a sensitive part of me. That part that I will need to work on more. As you advised I tried to focus on the present, returning my mind back to that room and enjoying it. I think I succeeded in it 😃 Thank you again! And hopefully to see you again in the future.

C from Australia

当然,我们是由忐忑不安的心情去开始,所以我跟bali要求,全程我必须陪伴着太太,所以我选择了erotic sharing session..不用怀疑他们的技术,他们的细腻,会让你怀疑自己怎么都不曾对自己的老婆如此温柔细心过(别怀疑人生)..每一个细节,每一个反应,都被他们2个收纳在考量之内..他们没有一套固定的按摩流程,而是随着你身体的反应去做当下最正确的服务,给你最好的体验。这是一个不带任何侵略、没有一丝不安的情趣按摩.浪漫的气氛,温馨的感觉,他们绝对是情趣按摩里面的教授级师尊.

Y from Malaysia

忘れられず次の日もリピートしちゃいました笑 全ての日本人女性に強くオススメします。
英語が苦手な方も大丈夫。韓国や中国、地元タイの女性も翻訳アプリなど使って利用してるとの事です。バンコクに来たら毎日リピートします。L 日本よりL

L from Japan

My experience with Bali & her partner was one of generosity and extraordinary emotional intelligence in their practice. True masters of their craft. Every women deserves this. Highly recommended.​

A professional from London

Hi Bali, I just wanted to thank you one more time for such an amazing experience! I’m still on cloud 9 feeling wonderful! You’re a very special person and I already can’t wait to come back.

H from Austria

Price & Services
SERVICES of Yoni Massage Bangkok. women lips kiss
Special massage for Women

*provide only by Bali

We provide Outcall service

in Central Bangkok

My service is by apointment

Every women is welcome!

Contact Yoni Massage Bangkok

Feel free to send me a message 

and I’ll get back to you shortly.

Thank you for contact me!

*Please be aware

that there are male individuals presenting themselves by using my name, 'Yoni Massage Bangkok,' creating a false impression that they have worked with me.

I want to clarify that I have consistently worked only with the same guy since day one until now, and any reservations for a session with him can only be made by contacting me directly.

Yoni massagr Bangkok - LOGO
Looking forward to meet you...
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