4 hands

Yoni massage

Yoni Massage  & Yoni Erotic Massage

The 4 hands session is a very special, unique experience. We developed it over time, as we have worked together,  in order to reach new depths and a higher form of ecstasy...

The 4-hands session combines the special and unique qualities of each of us into one powerful experience. 


The magical combination of masculine and feminine sexual energy blending into one another, providing incomparably intensive and sensual sensation. 

Yoni massage, Erotic massage and Tantra elements are all part of the session.

I start the session in sensual oil massage and after relaxation is achieved, he will join us and from that point... just breathe and fly!

Learn how to receive pleasure


Expand your sexual potential !

 First-timers, who uncertain what session to have, or maybe just feel a little nervous:) often choose the 4-hands session.

The session starts with a little chat and relaxing oil massage, then develop in many directions… all according to your will and desire.

​If you feel more comfortable with male energy and manly touch, I’ll be present in the first part of the session and later move to the side, so you can relax more and dissolve into full pleasure…