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Yoni massage for women in Thailand_BG



Yoni massage bangkok - Erotic massage for women in Thailand by male masseur and female

Start slow, go long,
relax into absolute Trust and

The Yoni Erotic 4-hands session is about desires and our fundamental needs for novelty, ecstasy, discovery, curiosity and exploration.

It’s about letting ourselves the permission to feel alive, to break out of the usual and reach beyond the boundaries and borders we live in and familiar with.

The 4-hands session combines the special and unique qualities of each of us into one powerful experience. The magical blend of masculine and feminine sexual energy brings incomparably intensive and sensual excitement. 

Yoni massage, Erotic massage, and Tantra elements are all part of the session. All sessions start the same and then develop into many directions… all according to your will and desire.

I start the session with a sensual oil massage and after relaxation is achieved, he will join us, and from that point...

just breathe and fly!

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